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What’s In Your Alabaster Box?

alabaster-jar-best.jpg Matthew 26:7, Mark 14:3, Luke 7:37 and John 11:13 each make reference to Mary and her alabaster jar. For years I identified with these accounts on the surface level of the infinite grace of God and how beautiful it was that Mary wept at his feet, never comprehending the breadth of the alabaster jar itself, until I got the revelation. In Mark 14:3-5 we see Mary with her alabaster jar which she breaks and pours the contents of oil/perfume on Jesus. We learn through the complaining of Judas that the contents of the alabaster jar was worth more than a years wages because it was made of pure spikenard. We like Mary come to Jesus with all that we have of value, ourselves. He then indwells us and becomes the costly oil. However notice that in order for the precious oil to be released the vessel had to be broken. There was no cap that screwed on, or a top that sprayed a fine mist, nor was there a stopper that could be removed so the jar could be preserved in pristine condition. That was the way the maker of the jar designed it. Continue reading ‘What’s In Your Alabaster Box?’



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